21 Ways to Love a Poet

Poets are not birthed into the world by mere mystery and magic, they are inspired and nurtured.  I am the poet I am because of my gifts but equally because of the love and support that I have received over

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Baptized by Bluesology

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Every teacher needs a teacher.  I had the blessing of talking to one of my greatest teachers this morning.  As a green, naive, angry, fierce young poet in my twenties in Chicago, I was…

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Welcome to TamTalk!!!

Welcome to TamTalk!!!

TamTalk!!! is my personal blog where I would also love to hear back from you!  I will post about once a month or as often as I can. 


I am a writer/poet/performer who believes that the arts…

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Playdough 2020!





I had an interesting conversation with a fellow writer who was extremely frustrated with her work.  I have been there many times as a writer and have abandoned my work for days, weeks, even months at a time.  I have…

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     I gotta new ‘do, looking pretty cute these days, smelling myself as some of my elders used to say.  I am hopping out of bed with more energy, playing in my closet, thumbing through textures and colors to create my…

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Dear Oprah Winfrey,


Dear Ms. Oprah Winfrey,

     Happy Sunday to you from sunny Orlando, Florida! I just read where you featured United States Poet Laureate Joy Harjo on Super Soul Sunday.  I look forward to seeing it.  I am glad and very…

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Gratitude: Not Just a Mouth-Piece


     “Gratitude” has become a popular catch phrase these days for social media posts, journal entries, new age living, life coaching, and even for marketing campaigns. It’s catchy, cute, perhaps even profitable in some cases. But saying “thank you” and showing…

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Behold, the Book Club!!!

     I needed an affordable getaway! I was looking for something that was not a part of my family or work roles and responsibilities.  Yes, I wanted some productive “me time.”  I also wanted to challenge myself to read more for…

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Sweet, In memory of Sharese Locke

Brown sugar and cayenne,

Intertwined harmonies of violin and viola,

Winding willow and rooted oak,

Neck jerk, sassy smirk, and mile-wide smiles,

Melodic soul, metaphorical role,

Finger pop, hand pat, hip bump and juicy…

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National Poetry Month 2020 Journal!

I challenged myself and other poets to do at least one the for the love of poetry each day for National Poetry Month 2020!  I decided to hold myself accountable by keeping a daily log of my activities!  Enjoy and feel free to borrow some ideas!


April 29 - Wednesday - One-Year Anniversary for Threed, This Road Not Damascus

  • Continued working on poems for poetry contest.
  • Posted for aaduna.
  •  Started reading a new poetry book, catalog of unabashed gratitude by ross gay.
  • Allowed myself plenty of rest, quiet, and reflection time in quiet celebration.

April 28 - Tuesday

  • Supported Diverse Word first ever online poetry slam!
  • Posted for aaduna.
  • Supported fellow Binder with poetry book review possibilities.
  • Participated in late-night poetry workshop with Amir Sulaiman.

April 27 - Monday

  • Continued editing poems for poetry competition.
  • Posted for aaduna.

April 26 - Sunday, Great News!

  • My first published book review was released by Laura DiNovis Berry in Berry's Poetry Book Reviews, just in time for the one-year anniversary of the book!
  • Posted for aaduna!

April 25 - Saturday

  • Edited poems for poetry competition.

April 24 - Friday, Inspiration & Motivation

  • Wrote letters of inspiration for young poets closing the semester and struggling with the quarantine era.
  • Edited new poems.

April 23 - Thursday, Birthday Celebration #2 for my youngest child

  • Completed poetry portfolios.
  • Edited poems for poetry competition submission at the the end of the month.
  • Posted my latest podcast interview by Theresa Morris, Friends Talking Education
  • Shared stories of inspiration from my poetry students on social media.
  • Posted for aaduna.

April 22 - Wednesday, Birthday Celebration #1 for my baby sister

  • Decorated cup cakes as my hands-on poetry project!
  • Completed poetry recitations online with students.

April 21 - Tuesday - Recitations!

  • Watched student poetry recitations online!  Enjoyed every bit of them!
  • Posted for aaduna

April 20 - Monday

  • Shared submission calls with another poet along with advice for publishing.
  • Listened to online poetry recitations from my students

 April 19 - Sunday

  • Read a work-in-progress poem to a friend on the phone
  • Rested

April 18 - Saturday

April 17 - Friday

  • Posted for aaduna
  • Evaluated poetry essays and discovered new poetry
  • Edited my quarantine poem!
  • Read a poem to a friend over the phone because I love and miss her and she inspired it!

April 16 - Thursday

  • Posted for aaduna
  • Evaluated poetry essays and discovered some new poetry
  • Wrote notes of encouragement in honor of student accomplishments
  • Danced in my bedroom while God was watching and pretended my body was a poem (Ooooo, I think I just started my next poem.)
  • Wrote a quarantine poem!!!
  • Listened to an amazing spoken word piece by @punkinis.ifasoyin

April 15 - Wednesday

  • Shared a haiku to inspire a press sister
  • Shared submission calls with fellow poets
  • Posted for aaduna
  • Evaluated poetry essays and discovered some new poetry
  • Cried reading a student essay about Pat Parker's poem, "My Lover is a Woman"
  • Posted my reaction to the student essay on social media
  • Wrote praise notes to students for the growth of their work

April 14 - Tuesday

  • Evaluated poetry essays and discovered some new poetry
  • Posted for aaduna blog

April 13 - Monday

  • Posted review of Another Way to Say Enter on Goodreads
  • Submitted my book to a reviewer and was ACCEPTED!!!  I am so excited!  It made my day!
  • Posted for aaduna blog

April 12 - Sunday - Easter

  • Started reading a new poetry book Say/Mirror by JP Howard
  • Posted for aaduna blog. (My poetry was featured for Easter Sunday!)

April 11 - Saturday

  • Posted a history video about one of my inspirations, James VanLeer
  • Began editing a new set of unpublished poems
  • Posted for aaduna blog

April 10 - Friday, National Sibling Day!

  • I wrote a corny but cute little poem for my one and only sibling!

April 9 - Thursday, Great Day for Poetry!

  • Recorded a poem for an online visual art & poetry gallery

  • Completed a new poetry book, Another Way to Say Enter by Amanda Johnston

  • Caught a live video and watched a poet/chef bake brownies and read a poem by Ross Gay.  She ended up crying, and so did I. I could not have asked for a better night. Catch it here!

  • Posted aaduna blog for National Poetry Month

  • Purchased a new poetry book, Catalogue of Unabashed Gratitude by Ross Gay


April 8 - Wednesday - Poetically Pooped!

  • Facilitated 6 hours of poetry workshops with two groups of students.  It was fabulous, and I am exhausted but inspired!
  • Post aaduna blog for National Poetry Month

April 7 - Tuesday - Lacking...

  • Posted link for aaduna poetry blog
  • Wished I had made more time for poetry...

April 6 - Monday - Sketches

  • Sketched two new poems
  • Agreed to do a poetry audio for an art gallery exhibit!

April 5 - Sunday, Funday!

  • Participated in a poetry reading with Trio House Press
  • Curled up in my Poang Chair and read Worldly Pleasures by Allison Joseph.  It was a gift from Christmas!    
  • Sketched notes for new poems!


April 4 - Gratitude #2

  • Shared my gratitude and mantra, "Poetry at its best is language lifted into ceremony." by Poet Carol Frost on my social media.
  • Decided to take a break from school work for the rest of the week to dive into a few poetry books.
  • Posted for aaduna.


April 3 - Rejection & Revival

  • Received my rejection from Cave Canem Retreat for about the 5th time.  Decided that I need to move forward and need not apply again.
  • Reached out to another poet to process another rejection and lick my wounds. Thank you for the motivation, Randall Horton.
  • Sent invitations to my former students on Instagram to accept the National Poetry Month challenge.
  • Started a sketch for a new poem about the CoronaVirus era.  It was inspired by one of my former students and her accepting the challenge to create a new poem and dress like it.  I love her interpretation of the idea!  Thank you, @tiffrasberry!
  • Attended AnnMarie O'Connell's online poetry reading.
  • Listened to a poem over the phone before going to bed.  Thank you, Alexia Written, for the mindful poem and engaging conversation about your upcoming book.


    April 2 - Gratitude #1

    • Called one of my mentors (Sterling D. Plumpp) to thank him for his gift to my life as a poet.
    • Blessed the blog!  I featured Sterling and his books with a gratitude post and links for readers to find his work.
    • Began my National Poetry Month Journal 2020 to share with other poets!
    • Shared a new online poetry workshop with some interested poets who may attend.


    April 1 - Kick-off!!!

    • Cleaned up my website! 
    • Announced my National Poetry Month Challenge on my social media websites. 
    • Posted a poem and photo of a poet who inspired me during a very critical turning point in my writing journey. (Ms. Lucille Clifton, "new bones"
    • Facilitated my very first online poetry class with an online reading and discussion! The poets showed up!  It was a great session!