Joyful Noise

Muck, mire, memes, madness, slander, insults, and injury…  It had become way too much noise for me.  Social media and much of the media was filled with so much personal and political chaos that I needed to shut down for a bit.   I pulled away from my blog and newsletter feeling that the best way I could contribute the world at that time was to be still, silent, and resistant to the chaos.

I surrendered to my decision but after a while became uncomfortable and irritated by it.  I finally had to admit to myself that if I chose not to write, not to share my gifts with others, then I would be cheating myself and those around me.  My skills and talents are not just for me; they are my contribution to my relationships, my community, my workplace, the world.  Hoarding them would be as much of a disservice as the negative noise and chaos that was “breaking” the net.

So… I’m back to make noise again, a joyful noise, that counteracts and counterbalances the madness that fills the web and airwaves, minds and conversations of too many.  I am shifting my focus from the withering tree to a “giving tree.”  If the madness is that wretched and that loud, then I guess my positive passion and praise will have to become even louder.

I thought I would start my Joyful Noise with a Gratitude Blog.  I am blessed to have some amazing people and experiences that keep me going on days when it is really tough to keep going. 

To my Health & Healing Team:

Khaliah at Tinna’s Spa – Your healing hands and therapy have worked wonders for my health and blessed my well-being.  The spa is my oasis!  Thank you!

Giselle and Kristabel at Blanchard Park YMCA – You keep me moving and remind me to celebrate life through dance.  Giselle, I am honored that you encouraged me to teach.  Thank you!

Tonya and Sharon at Seminole County Government  – I would not have my Zumba class without you! It has made a difference in my daily life physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and MY CLASS ROCKS!!!  Thank you!

Angelee – You are my herbal/exercise guru and muse. Thank you for your prescriptions, knowledge and example of how the body can powerfully heal itself when we listen and follow through with it.  Thank you!

To my artistic mentors (Kahil, Sterling, and Carol):  From you, I have learned that music and poetry at their best are the language of the soul and the highest of sacred ceremony. I have also embraced my own brilliance in ways that my parents and instructors could not teach. Thank you!

To my Sister Circle with Honorary Brothers included (You know who you are): 

Though we may not speak and see one another as often as we like, I know I can call at any time and find a place of unconditional love with words of wisdom (even when I am wrong).  You remind me to grow gracefully and lovingly as a powerful artist, mother, lover, friend, and woman.  Thank you!

To my children: 

I am grateful to raise you and be raised by you.  Watching you grow and develop as fearless, loving, compassionate, and self-determined beings reminds my that miracles exist!  Thank you!

To my current and former students from Seattle Writers in the Schools to Fulton County Arts and Culture, ArtsCool, AileyCamp, Hudson County Community College, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Stetson University, and Valencia College

It is an honor to teach you and learn from you and watch you grow.  On my toughest days, in you I have found motivation and reason to laugh and keep learning.  Thank you!

To Yusuf/Joseph

Thank you for bearing with me on my best days and my worst.  I have learned so much by your example of how to walk this earth with discipline and commitment.  Thank you for the gift of extended family and a whole new experience of how to love.

To my elders:

Thank you for your patience, wit, wisdom that I am now really beginning to understand. I am grateful for your sense of humor and for your amazing stories that fuel my life and creativity. 

To my Ancestors/Angels/Guides:

Thank you for your journey, your sacrifices, your guidance and support.  I am grateful to be who and whose I am born in this time, in this place, in this lineage, body, and physical expression.  I hope my life journey gives you reason to rejoice.

To all those who follow my site and pages, offer your words of encouragement and support in endless ways, buy books, attend events, and support the creative arts, I thank you!

And so I begin 2018 with my own Joyful Noise!!!  What do you have to shout about?  Feel free to leave your comments and responses below!  I would love to hear from you!

As always,

Be Joyful,

Be Inspired,

Be Creative,


Happy New Year to each of you! 

P.S. I have posted some links in this blog to some of these people and places and their services!  CHECK THEM OUT!