Tamara is the gem of her art form. She vividly paints pictures with words on the canvas of your mind with her work. She infuses the ancient art of "Sacred Spoken Word" to convey meaningful messages. Her work is essential for everyone who takes The Arts, Performance, Poetry, and Spoken Word seriously. Yusuf Kaba Imhotep, Founder, MoundBuilders   Her poems have marvelous energy, the language is lush, the back-talk razor-bright.    Poet Carol Frost     This is a true poet, who is able to find a lyric voice that reaches towards the epic in her attempt to give a voice to her community, to the complexities and joys of African American experience, to human condition.   Poet Ilya Kaminsky     Her work [is] a powerful exploration into the psyche of humankind, filled with imagery and subtle nuances, and a keen understanding of those characteristics often relegated to the deepest and intricate corridors of human emotion and action.    William E. Berry, Jr., Publisher and CEO, aaduna     When I first heard Jill Scott I thought, "Now Tamara Madison is the original of this soulful, sexy, sultry, richly textured conscious poetic architecture and delivery of words, emotion and message."   I  am looking forward to her new work.   Kai EL' Zabar, Executive Editor, Chicago Defender       La tourterelle nous reveille au petit matin avec son chant qui célébre la beauté de la vie. Pour moi les mots-expressions de Tamara chantent comme une tourterelle africaine, massagent notre corps endormi, nous tonifient le coeur et nous font applaudir la vie. Lisez Tamara et si vous en avez l'occasion vivez une de ses performances, vous comprendrez de quoi je parle.   Issoufou Kapran, Agronome, enthousiaste littéraire, Admirateur de Tamara depuis l'université, Accra, Ghana, West Africa   The turtle-dove awakes us in the wee hours of morning with its song celebrating the beauty of life.  For me, the word-expressions of Tamara sing like an African turtle-dove, massaging the numbed body, invigorating the slumped heart, inspiring us to applaud life!  Read Tamara's work, and if you ever  have the opportunity to experience one of her performances, you will understand precisely what I mean.            Issoufou Kapran, Agronomist, Literary Enthusiast,   Admirer of Tamara since college days, Accra, Ghana, West Africa     Tamara J. Madison is a passionate artist and instructor who is able to infect (to use Vincent van Gogh’s term) others with her love of writing.  She knows how to help people recognize themselves in their writing, and to understand how crucial written communication is to a fully articulated existence.   Poet James Harms       Ms. Madison’s endlessly creative approaches to classroom teaching allow students greater access to the writing process and motivate colleagues to do the same.   Kathryn Douglas, Director of College Writing, Fairleigh Dickinson University       Tamara’s pedagogical style is clear, supportive, demanding, and imaginative.   She keeps everyone involved, and is able to offer constructive guidance to students at all levels.    Joseph Caniglia, Instructor, Coordinator-Writing Center,Hudson County Community College    ”





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