Welcome to TamTalk!!!

Welcome to TamTalk!!!

TamTalk!!! is my personal blog where I would also love to hear back from you!  I will post about once a month or as often as I can. 


I am a writer/poet/performer who believes that the arts, creative writing, and poetry are not just for a select group of people but for everyone.   A poem, a song, a painting, a performance can lift your spirits, teach a lesson, launch cupid’s arrow, and even trigger a breakthrough!  It can make those tough and uncomfortable stages of growth a bit more pleasant and sometimes even beautiful. 


Think of how a favorite song can take you back in time to your very first kiss, a best friend’s wedding, a child’s birth, a turning point in your life, etc.  See what I’m talking about?


TamTalk!!! will share a touch of womanish wit, my quirky sense of humor, and always something creative (a poem, a story and such) to ease you over that hump. 


If you like what you see and hear, share it with family, friends, and fellow artists and leave a response to add to the mix!


As always,

Be Joyful,

Be Inspired,

Be Creative,