Slipping through the Cracks

     Most often we think of an error or something else negative as slipping through the cracks.  We talk about clean up work to clear and clean the dust and dirt that often falls through the cracks.  We even talk about “sealing the cracks” to keep out debris, cold air.


     On the other end of the spectrum, we often think of breakthroughs as a wide door or gate swinging open, and blessings pouring forth with trumpets hailing the victory and confetti everywhere.  Artists have written songs and poems about it.  Filmmaker’s have captured the fanfare as the climax of the movie. We plan celebrations and feasts in honor of it.


     But is that how it always happens?


     Sometimes a door or gate opens just a bit, just a hair for us to slip through, no fanfare, no noise of celebration, but quiet in a moment.  When the door cracks open just wide enough for us to slip through, it also means that less debris and undesirables enter with us.  Though it may be less dramatic, it may be more powerful and intimate.


     It is easy to recognize those moments of breakthrough when the whistle blows or the horn sounds and all the lights come on with the crowd cheering.  Those subtler breakthroughs and shifts require us to be quiet, prayerful, alert, and nimble to slip through the cracks when they open just for us.


     I have experienced this several times lately.  Little moments where I have been able to detect an opening and slip through have created a huge shift for me personally, spiritually, and professionally lately.  I had to be aware of the moment, open to the call, and nimble to slip through the crack before the opportunity closed.  I have watched the same pattern happen for others a lot in the past few weeks.  For many of us it has open doors that have been shut for months, even years, doors that we thought would never open, opportunities that have been long in coming.


     What about you?


     Will your next breakthrough be bold and blaring or will it be a quiet crack for you to slip through?  Will you be aware and ready to move, shape, shift into your next upgrade?  I hope so.



As always,

Be Joyful,

Be Inspired,

Be Creative,




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