21 Ways to Love a Poet

Poets are not birthed into the world by mere mystery and magic, they are inspired and nurtured.  I am the poet I am because of my gifts but equally because of the love and support that I have received over the years.

This post is my offering of gratitude to those who have been my support system over the years:  my husband, my sister, my children, my sister-circle, fellow poets of all kinds, my teachers, my editors, readers, listeners, my students, my grandmother who loved Poet Paul Lawrence Dunbar, and the librarian who introduced me to the poetry section of the neighborhood library of my youth.  I would not be the poet I am without them. I am eternally grateful.

I hope this post will help someone learn to love and support a poet, even if that poet must learn to love and support herself.

  1. Write her a poem 

  2. Surprise her with flowers just because 

  3. Call her the "poet laureate of your life" 

  4. Always stop what you're doing and give her your undivided attention when she wants to read you a poem... 

  5. Buy her books as gifts for others 

  6. Buy her books by poets she loves 

  7. Post a review or response to one of her poems and/or books on social media, Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Nobles 

  8. Introduce her book to your book club or local library 

  9. Read her poems aloud to others and watch her grin and giggle 

  10. Give her room, space, quiet time to write and don't take it personally 

  11. Know that if she has not written a poem about you; it's not personal.  Sometimes it's hardest to write about the people/things closest to you. 

  12. Don't be offended if she writes a poem about someone else or an ex; remember every poem does not have to be about you for her to appreciate and treasure you. 

  13. Remind her that she is a poet on days when she feels that she is empty or that it is pointless. 

  14. Remind her that a rejection letter is simply "part of the business" of publishing, not writing. 

  15. Accompany her to a poetry reading 

  16. Work the table when she is doing an event/book signing; that way she can just be a poet... 

  17. Invite her to write and share poetry for special occasions:  weddings, christenings, memorials, family reunions (but never doing the card game) 

  18. Go on wild crazy adventures/field trips with her even if it doesn't make sense to you - only if she asks 

  19. Scoot your stuff over and make room for her books and stuff, lots and lots of books and stuff 

  20. Buy her an elegant desk and/or bookshelf (preferably both) and don't put any of your things on it. 

  21. Remember that if you catch her talking to herself, dancing/singing alone in a room, staring out the window or at a piece of art for hours in an almost comatose state, she may not have mental health challenges; she just may be a poet...

Blessings & poetry always,