Revelation Resolution

Happy New Year 2016!!!

Like most folks, I have been thinking about the things that I want to see happen this year:  where I want to go, what I want to do, how I want to grow, etc.


Unlike many years before, I had a new revelation when exploring the idea of my New Year’s Resolution.  This year I am much more conscious of what/who I am leaving behind to move forward.  I am also conscious of the mourning process that goes along with it.


Sometimes in the excitement of moving forward on a new adventure, we forget the people and things that we are leaving behind.  We are often relieved to leave behind a horrible job or stagnant relationship and run in the new or opposite direction as fast as we can forgetting that transitions of any kind must be processed and acknowledged.  Yes, it is a type of mourning.


Without processing or mourning these relationships, they can easily creep up later in the form of depression, sadness, lack of motivation, or even unexplained fears that tamper with the new relationships and opportunities. 


Just like any other death or transition, it is important to mourn the loss (no matter how good or bad!!!).  Whether it is weight we are losing, a relationship that is ending, a new job beginning, or an adventure to a new place of residence, we must remember to take the time to honor and acknowledge where we were, who we were with along with the growth, pleasure and pain of that place, person, or relationship. It is simply a part of our growth and awareness process.


Above all else, we must remember to release and let go consciously with as much love as we can muster. That is what truly frees us and preps us for the blessings to come.


I am wishing you a 2016 that is the best you and best year yet!


As always,

Be Joyful,

Be Inspired,

Be Creative,





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