Back Burner

I have a few things simmering on back burners in my life.  The heat is low, no kettle whistle or rattling vent.  When I say “back burner” here, I am thinking of things in my life that I need to…

21 Ways to Love a Poet

Poets are not birthed into the world by mere mystery and magic, they are inspired and nurtured.  I am the poet I am because of my gifts but equally because of the love and support that I have received over

Baptized by Bluesology

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Every teacher needs a teacher.  I had the blessing of talking to one of my greatest teachers this morning.  As a green, naive, angry, fierce young poet in my twenties in Chicago, I was…

Welcome to TamTalk!!!

Welcome to TamTalk!!!

TamTalk!!! is my personal blog where I would also love to hear back from you!  I will post about once a month or as often as I can. 


I am a writer/poet/performer who believes that the arts…

Playdough 2020!





I had an interesting conversation with a fellow writer who was extremely frustrated with her work.  I have been there many times as a writer and have abandoned my work for days, weeks, even months at a time.  I have…



     I gotta new ‘do, looking pretty cute these days, smelling myself as some of my elders used to say.  I am hopping out of bed with more energy, playing in my closet, thumbing through textures and colors to create my…

Dear Oprah Winfrey,


Dear Ms. Oprah Winfrey,

     Happy Sunday to you from sunny Orlando, Florida! I just read where you featured United States Poet Laureate Joy Harjo on Super Soul Sunday.  I look forward to seeing it.  I am glad and very…

Gratitude: Not Just a Mouth-Piece


     “Gratitude” has become a popular catch phrase these days for social media posts, journal entries, new age living, life coaching, and even for marketing campaigns. It’s catchy, cute, perhaps even profitable in some cases. But saying “thank you” and showing…

Behold, the Book Club!!!

     I needed an affordable getaway! I was looking for something that was not a part of my family or work roles and responsibilities.  Yes, I wanted some productive “me time.”  I also wanted to challenge myself to read more for…

Blessed and "Bound"

     As excited as I was when I bought it, I had to struggle to read this book the color of a period napkin with rope and knots on the cover and bold white lettering, A BOUND WOMAN IS A DANGEROUS

Sweet, In memory of Sharese Locke

Brown sugar and cayenne,

Intertwined harmonies of violin and viola,

Winding willow and rooted oak,

Neck jerk, sassy smirk, and mile-wide smiles,

Melodic soul, metaphorical role,

Finger pop, hand pat, hip bump and juicy…

For My Students!!!


I am posting this as a special request from one of my students.  Thank you, Andrea, for asking me.

The following is a poem that I use in my poetry classes to introduce poetry as storytelling.  It is one of…