Remembering your Power!

This morning was a tough one for me. It has been a tough few weeks with the passing of a dearest friend after a tragic accident and 6-week coma as just one of the challenges.  Sometimes it just feels hard to make sense out of some things. Sometimes we simply don’t get the answers. Sometimes when we get the answers, they don’t bring us the peace we had hoped for.

So this morning felt leather tough and cold. I started to go back to bed. I almost didn’t open the curtains or answer the phone. I started to call in. I started to sit this one out. After all, didn’t I deserve it?

Then I remembered my power…

I smiled anyway.

My smile made my mind go blank for just a moment.  My smile soothed my soul for just a bit. My smile made me notice that after a cloudy 30 degrees this morning in the middle of April, the sun decided to come out anyway. My smile reminded me of all the people and things that I have left to love and nurture.

My smile reminded me that I have lived to see yet another spring full of life, blossom, and beauty.

My smile will not bring back a loved one. My smile will not resolve my issues or pay the bills, but it definitely makes it easier to take a step forward. Besides I look so much better when I smile, and it is great yoga for my face!

I watched the video below 3 times this morning and cried and smiled the whole time. The song is not at all new. Many of the faces were familiar. (The tear in Jill Scott’s eye was priceless.) But I needed this reminder to fuel my day.

I am up and ready to go now, ready to greet the treasures and challenges of whatever this day holds.

Thanks for sharing this moment with me.

I hope this video reminds you of your power and the beauty of your own smile… Give it a shot! Let me know what you think!

(Click the image below!)


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