What's your story?

Do you remember your favorite childhood story?  Was it a family story from one of your grandparents, a special holiday memory, or a fairy tale?

One of my favorites was Cinderella. I still remember watching the Rogers & Hammerstein original musical version that aired on television starring Lesley Ann Warren.  Years later, I watched the remake with Brandy and Whitney Houston along with my daughter.

As a child, I was mesmerized by the idea of this handsome Prince Charming coming along to save Cinderella and rescue her from her inconsiderate stepmother and stepsisters.  As I grew older, I realized that Prince Charming either didn’t exist or simply wasn’t showing up fast enough. I had to make my own moves.

Years later, I saw my reflection all over again as my daughter slowly turned starry-eyed at the myth and magic of the story and that charming, handsome Prince (then played by the very handsome Paolo Montalban).  I decided that I would not allow her to fall for the hype!

I watched Cinderella as a parent with new eyes.  I paid closer attention to the Fairy Godmother and her words of wisdom not just her magic wand. Although she came with the glitz and glamor to remake Cinderella for the ball, she urged the lonely, lowly young woman to re-write her story.

She prompted Cinderella to know her worth, honor her own desires, and assert herself to be more than the quaint little doormat and “ash girl” that everyone walked on and exploited. 

Remember the musical number, “Impossible things are happening ever day?” Fairy Godmother was urging Cinderella to reach for the impossible and make it happen with her own magic and power!

Fairy tales and myths are not as far-fetched as we might think.  Even with ogres, wicked witches, and dragons, they play out themes and struggles of everyday human experience. 

We all have our own stories that we cling to as part of our personal identity and experience.  Think about it! If your life were to flash before your eyes right now, what would be your story?

Are you the hero/heroine or the villain/villainess?  Are you a major character in the movie of your life that you and everyone else recognize or are you simply a prop waiting in the corner for someone to notice you?

One of the things that I love about being a writer is REVISION. Yes, a lot of people hate the idea of editing and revision, but it’s the amazing power to shape and rearrange and cut and paste and color and shade and… whatever I want the story to be because I am the creator/author/writer/poet of the story.

It’s the same in our life stories! We have the power to write and re-write our stories however we want!

Changing our stories is our continual growth and development of who we are, what we desire and accomplish, and who we touch along the way.  It does not have to be myth, make believe, or mask. It simply is our willingness and courage to do something different to create the story we really want.

Is your story serving you? Does it motivate and inspire you and others around you? Do you take pride and joy in sharing it? If not, it’s time for a re-write!!!

What will you do to edit, revise, change and create the life story that reflects your heart’s desires with you in it as a principle, positive player? 

Even if you already have a story that you love, what new magic can you add to the beauty and power of your story?

What re-write will you make today? Share it with us below!  We’ll be waiting to hear from you!

As always,

Be Joyful,

Be Creative,

Be Inspired,


P.S.  For your playful viewing pleasure, click here for a message from your fairy godmother!  Have fun!


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