Thank you

to Kim Salaam and Diligent Hands for the wooden earrings,

my favorites.



to Amanda Diaz of Kissimmee, Florida for the pics. 

You made looking beautiful and taking pictures such an easy thing to do!

 See more of her work on Instagram @amanda_c_diaz!

to Whitly Charles for a crisp, clean symbol for the book! You can find her here!


Author Signed Copies Available!

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Kentucky Curdled Cover

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Cordella Magazine Issue 14 Launch Party!

Virtual Crowd Cast Event

A host of writers and poets featured in the latest issue of the magazine including: Madeleine Barnes (Poetry Editor), Rhonda Slota, Susana Case, Iris Jamahl Dunkle, Annette Sisson, Diane Thiel, ZenChristian Mott, Tayve Neese, Monika Zaleska, Anna Lena Philips Bell, Ellene Glenn Moore, Lynn McGee, Tamara J. Madison, and Sara Ries, Cate Clother (Editor in Chief)

Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) October Reading Series

virtual on ZOOM -; password: safta

Poetry reading featuring Julie Marie Wade, Robin Gow, and myself!

Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon

online - TBA

Poetry workshop and open mic for participants plus featured poets.

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