Summer Madness 2014!!!




It’s been a minute!  I have been on the move! 


This summer was indeed a summer to remember across 4 states (Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Florida) in in two months! I conjured change for my life, and it blew in with a whirlwind!!!


I wanted to share some of the warmth, wonder, and magic of my summer!


My kick-off was traveling to my hometown of Evansville, Indiana for a performance reading and book signing at Barnes and nobles!  I was blessed to reunite with family, friends, community and former classmates! Yes, even the Lady Warriors of Harrison High School showed up along with church members from childhood. 


Reading at Barnes and Nobles; Evansville, Indiana


I was pleasantly surprised and tickled!  It had been more than 20 years since I had seen many of them!  Thanks to all who took the time to show up and be so lovingly supportive!  It means more than I could ever explain! 


Beth, your reflections on the event were a teardrop to my heart!  Heidi, wow!  April, you are always there.  Tonya, you are down like four flats covered in Mississippi mud.  Mama and Daddy would be proud of us both. Thank you all!


I was later blessed to work as an instructor for the Alvin Ailey Foundation's  AileyCamp in June and July in Atlanta and New York!  Both camps successfully completed a summer program for middle school youth with dance, creative expression and personal development classes along with amazing performances for parents, peers, and community!

Many thanks to Nasha Thomas Schmitt, National Director, Diane (Atlanta) and Natasha (New York) for the opportunity to stretch and grow teaching Personal Development for the first time!  It was a blast!!! I LOVED IT!



Another highlight of the summer was reading at my invitation from Poets Network and Exchange, a warm and welcoming group of writers founded by Lorraine Currelley. I was featured along with Ngoma Hill in a reading at the historical Harlem Library!  For me it was history, culture, and pilgrimage all in one!

With Henry Grimes, Tamara J. Madison, Lorraine Currelley, and Osunyoyin Alake Ifarike


Thank you so much Lorraine Currelley for your passion, poetry and commitment to so many writers and the community.  Check out The Currelley Literary Journal as well for more information on what this amazing writer/woman is doing!                                                                                          


By special invitation, I attended Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon in Harlem’s Sugar Hill community for a workshop and presentation by writer/poet, Amanda Johnston. Thanks Lorraine and Juliet P. Howard for the opportunity and the hook-up!  


It was a lovely afternoon with poetry, potluck and sharing on many levels.  Find out more about this fiery poet and her work. Amanda is an inspiration in countless ways as a writer/woman/mother/warrior.  She was also the inspiration for one of my blog entries. Click here for more.


To my hermana mia and familia, poetess/artist/publisher, Sonia Roman (aka Aminah Love) and Love Publishing,


I don't know how I could have made it through this summer without you.  It was a treat to be in your presence for six weeks and meet extended family and new friends.  Thanks for being such a wise, warm and wonderful force in my life!  Lady Bug, you keep me going always!



From my husband, children and family who supported each other in my absence to all others who helped, cheered, coached, and provoked, (you know who you are), and you also know that I thank you wholeheartedly! 



Allajuah, Leslie, Terry, Shyria, Naasir, Adrienne, Champion, and Kiira, thanks for letting The Angel know that he is always loved and supported whether Mom and Dad are close by or not.  The summer would not have been the same with youl  If I have not mentioned your name, I have not forgotten you in heart.



Finally, I have landed in Florida, my new home.  I am blessed to be working with students at Valencia College and Stetson University.  Yes, I am lushly surrounded by hypnotic palm trees, relentless rays of sun, bears 'possums, and 'coons, bears, bugs and geckos…  Oh, my! That’s another blog entry! 



Katherine, thank you for holding the vision.  Yusuf, we made it...



Stay tuned! I will be in touch soon!


In the meantime,

Be Joyful,

Be Creative,

Be Inspired


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  • bill berry, jr.
    bill berry, jr.
    Congrats! Continue to bring inspiration!

    Congrats! Continue to bring inspiration!

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