Yes, that’s right!  The theme for this week’s TamTalk!!! is RECESS! Are you getting any?

I am delighted to say that within the past 7 days, I have completed the following:

1)      My birthday celebration with family

2)      A Teen Slam and poetry night complete with me doing the wobble with the teens

3)      A mother’s day celebration at the Sweet Auburn Street Festival in downtown Atlanta

4)      Field Day at my son’s school with me soaking wet in the water fight against 4th grade.

Was I exhausted earlier this afternoon?  YES!  Did I really want to or feel like participating in all the above? NO! Am I glad that I did?  DEFINITELY!!!

Sometimes you just have to find the fresh, fun, and fab in something even when you did not plan on it. It can turn labor into luxury or a job into play time!

As busy as we think we are, as full as the calendar may be, as overloaded as the list always is, it is important for us to find time to play. Yes, I said PLAY!

Playing is essential to both the revival process and the creative process.  It gives us time to laugh and breathe and relax creating that blank space on that canvas that we call a brain. That blank space makes room for new color, fresh ideas, and it helps us to take a nice long deep breath.

When we laugh and play from the heart, we breathe more deeply, relax muscles, and look so much better!

Remember when those select school systems thought that they could take recess away from the kids and add extra learning time? The theory was that recess could help student to catch up and maybe even advance in some areas.

In most cases, it does not work. Students get squirrely and simply lose their focus while teachers lose their minds. It is counterproductive. Those twenty minutes to scream and run and jump and chase the wind is critical to learning and growing and staying sane for teachers and students alike.

We are no different.

So when was the last time you had recess? Are you working it into your daily routine? Are you allowing a walk in the park, a dance in the middle of the living room floor, a romp with family/friends to be a part of your creative process and daily routine?

If not, are you cheating yourself? I challenge you to let fun be a part of your daily or weekly routine! Be creative! I’d love to hear your ideas and how recess works for you!

It might inspire or motivate your next masterpiece!  Enjoy!

As always,

Be Joyful,

Be Creative,

Be Inspired,


Many thanks to Step Right Up Photography for the fun pic above at the Teen Poetry Slam in Atlanta!

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