Rant #1


Free Write Prompt (from one of my students):  In today’s society…


In today’s society mediocrity is an absolute rampant infestation that is poisoning everyone from the youngest to the oldest of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Rarely do we push and strive to be our absolute best or break out to do something incredibly innovative and new.


It’s scary. Even for those of us who are completely capable of doing it, it’s scary. It is mad, crazy scary because people want most often what is somewhat predictable and comfortable.


Unfortunately, our comfort levels don’t usually encourage us to grow and stretch and reach and change.  That scares us or annoys us most often.




There are those rare moments of shimmer and glimmer and spark and leap and dive and soar, those moments when a whisper is a roar, and we follow that calling in our souls and just roll with it no matter how rocky the wave.


In those moments, we have faith in something greater than ourselves that we know we are a part of, something that shows us something greater within ourselves.


In those moments, we are blissed and kissed with something new and ancient, something fleeting and timeless, something inexplicable that we wrestle to articulate,


something more us than we could ever imagine…


When was the last time you had such a moment?



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