I am blessed to say that I closed the year and opened the year RIGHT! 

Instead of getting caught up in the holiday madness with feasts and fixin’s from the mall, I spent more quality time with family and treated myself to a retreat.  That’s right, a RETREAT!

After diving into the business of branding and publishing and such, my creative juices were low.  I quenched my thirst at The Watering Hole, (no pun intended) a poetry writing retreat in South Carolina. For one weekend, I submerged myself in poets and poetry near the lake and towering palm and moss trees.

It fed my soul… 

Many thanks to my cabin mates, poets Lorraine Currelley and Felecia Stokes, photographer who captured the pic above!  Kudos to Monifa and Candace, founders of The Watering Hole, who had a vision and manifested it with a quality quickness and commitment.

Thanks also to the amazing facilitators (Tyehimba Jess, Lita Hooper, and Remica Bigham-Risher) who challenged us and encouraged us to raise the bar of craft while daring to speak the unspeakable through the magic of our artistry.  (If you have not heard of these poets/authors, stay tuned!) 

These shook my soul…

It was the charge that I needed to close the old year and open the new one with a healthy balance between work and play, business and creativity, concrete and nature.  I have not started a year like this in years.

I did not allow myself to get caught in the hype of the holiday giving beyond my means or giving until I gave out to the satisfaction of those around me. I remembered to give to others AND to myself as well.  It worked wonders! I feel charged and ready for the challenges and treasures of the New Year.

That’s the thing!  We MUST include ourselves in the giving/loving/celebrating equation on a daily and regular basis.  It helps us to stay focused, nurture our gifts and talents, and manifest our hearts’ desires!

So what’s popping so far in your 2014?  Did you remember to include yourself in the blessings and giving and fun of the holidays?  Did you remember to retreat, rest, and revive (R3) for the start of the year?

If not, it’s not too late at all.  We’re just getting started! You still have time to prime yourself for the greatest you in 2014!  This is the year to make it happen!

Stay tuned for more updates and motivation!

As always,

Be Joyful,

Be Creative,

Be Inspired,



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