Kentucky Curdled 3-D Release!

My latest offering Kentucky Curdled a collection of poetry and essay based on a family story is now available in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook!


With vibrant characters, powerful story, and provocative imagery, Kentucky Curdled is a poetic sequence unveiling the story of a tragedy in a small rural community. Each of the persona poems is a character (human or other) that shares his reflections and responses to the death of a young community member.

The story is timely and contemporary raising questions of how to make peace in times of senseless crime and violence, often without the luxury of answers and "justice."

Kentucky Curdled is the perfect blend of poetry, spoken word, performance, and audio book making it enticing for poetry, fiction and spoken word audiences.

Kentucky Curdled is my offering to create a sacred space to mourn and celebrate the lives and the challenges of those who came before us, suffered and survived that we might arrive.

It is my prayer that this work will inspire healing and positive discussions about women's health, mental health, and the pain of ancestry.

The paperback and Kindle versions include added poetry and a very intimate essay about the creative process of the work.  The audiobook includes creative sound effects and design for a raw yet enhanced listening experience.

To take a peek inside the book, click here!  To hear audio excerpts and see reviews, see this!


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