I am cranking up the volume of my work and my outreach and could use your help! 


I am giving away FREE DOWNLOADS for a limited time of my fiction, poetry, and poetry audio books! Yes, I said free! In return, I would love to have your free HONEST REVIEW of the work! 


Why give my work away? Great question!  I wrestled with the idea of that for a bit. I asked myself if giving my work away meant that I felt it did not have value or that I was desperate. I also asked myself if not giving it away meant that my ego was a bit inflated. Hmmmm…


After mulling over the issue a bit, I finally decided that these stories were worth telling and sharing. That’s why I wrote them in the first place.  I believe that there is medicine, miracle, and motivation in them. I believe a great story can teach, uplift, and inspire. I believe we come here to experience, form, and share our stories.


So this is my way of sharing the “magic of story” with you.


There is no cost or obligation to you at all.  Simply click the link, download the book and leave your HONEST REVIEW of the book. You will also be entered to win a hard copy of the book for free!  I’d love to hear from you and welcome your feedback.


Remember the offer is for a limited time, for poetry lovers, click here now!  Fiction fans, should click here!  Of course, you can always have the best of both worlds and click both!


This is a really big step for me, seriously. Thanks for helping me take this journey!


Many thanks!


As always,


Be Joyful,


Be Creative,


Be Inspired,




P.S.  For the new wave audiophiles, click here for the audiobook version. Directions are on the site!  Thanks again!

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