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Happy Hump Day and Happy Holidays!


It’s that time again!  It’s that time when many of us start thinking about how to show others how much they mean to us and how/why we appreciate them.  For others, it’s that time to crash the stores and cyber markets to find the biggest deals and run up the tabs. 


How about something different this year for the holidays?  How about breaking a bit from tradition and giving a bit more creatively?


Think about those you love and then go on an adventure to find that rare and beautiful thing or experience that reminds you most of them.

  • A favorite book?
  • A vintage album?
  • A rare craft or piece of art that motivates and inspires?
  • A very special getaway at that secluded bed and breakfast spot with that unique museum just blocks away?

There are endless creative ways for us to “gift” one another and show our appreciation! We must remember that there is life beyond gadgetry and techdom!  (Yes, I am a poet. I made that word up on purpose!)


While on your shopping sprees and treasure hunts, be mindful of supporting the artists and artisans who inspire you and keep you motivated throughout the year.  Many of us have friends and family who cater, make health and body products, publish books, record albums, build, paint, sculpt, create gorgeous baskets…  The list goes on.


How about sponsoring a marketplace at your place?  Invite friends over for coffee or eggnog and treats and have fellow artists present their baked goods, wares, crafts, etc. for purchase, barter or swap?  It’s the perfect time to gather and invest in ourselves!


Why not use our community of resources for the holidays just like we might use Macy’s or JC Penny?  That way we support the entrepreneurs and businesses we appreciate while gifting others we love as well.


I am delighted to say that while browsing the sites and stores, I will also be supporting my creative community with my dollar and “sense” while firing up the oven and my pen to create some exquisite gifts with my very own heart and hands!


What’s your plan?  How will your gifts be as creative and personalized as they are personal? Share your ideas with us! Leave a link to a great site for personal and creative gifts on the below! We’ve got 21 days and counting!  Enjoy the holiday journey!

I look forward to hearing from you!


As always,


Be Joyful,


Be Creative,


Be Inspired,




P.S.  For those of you interested in giving the gift of poetry or a feisty fiction collection for a creative gift, I would love for you to share my work!  For a limited time use discount code C5LKPXSX for a 20% discount on paperback editions found on my site here!   Remember discounts are for a limited time and limited number!  Many thanks and Happy Holidays!

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