Beyond Words


Did you ever sweat bullets and work your heart out to find the perfect gift for someone hoping that she would cherish it as much as you cherish her and love it with all her might. 


Did you have visions of her ripping open the paper and tossing the bow to grab it and hug it close to her heart with squeals of delight like it was the most amazing thing ever?


Well, what if she opened it, looked, and said, “Why thank you!” and then simply placed it to the side hardly looking at it again.  How would you feel?  Would it hurt? Would it make you feel as though your time was wasted or like you had chosen poorly?


I mean, she said, “Thank you.”  Isn’t it enough to simply show good manners and lip service? 


Know it is not, not at all. 


Being grateful is much more than lip service and social graces.  It is how we respect and appreciate the gift and the giver.  It is how we take care of the gift and nurture.  It is how we share the gift with others and give back.


So what about our being grateful?


We are given precious bodies that are absolute magic even in our sleep.  Is it enough to say thank you in our prayers and neglect them?


We are each given amazing talents and abilities. Is it enough to simply acknowledge them and then toss them aside without nurturing them and growing them so that we might bless others with them?


Most of us acknowledge that something greater than us made us, blessed us with these incredible bodies and gifts and talents.  Most of us take the time to “give thanks” in word or prayer from time to time. 


But it is simple lip service if we do not take the time to cherish and nurture the gifts that we are born to be.


Being thankful for who we are and what we have means that we care for our bodies like they are precious gifts.


Being thankful for our talents means that we nurture and grow them.  We study. We practice. We rehearse. We use them on a daily basis with devotion and commitment, and we bless others with them.


Being thankful means that we breathe and blink with grateful consciousness knowing that it might just be the very last time.  We are not afraid; we are wise and use our time, body and abilities wisely.


As our national Thanksgiving draws near, and we begin to reflect on all that we are grateful for, let us remember to include our precious selves as one of those gifts. Let our thankfulness move beyond words and become our every thought and deed.


How will you take the time to be grateful for who and what and all that you are on a daily basis with your actions?  Share with us on the below! Leave your comments!  Your ideas might bless someone else! I look forward to hearing from you!


As always,


Be Joyful,

Be Creative,

Be Inspired,





  • Jahlanie Jacoby
    Jahlanie Jacoby


  • Tamara
    Thanks, Jahlanie! Thanks for stopping by the blog! I hope you are writing with a fierceness!

    Thanks, Jahlanie! Thanks for stopping by the blog! I hope you are writing with a fierceness!

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