Are You Surviving or Thriving?

“Volcanic swells, their bodies, these / women / these / breathing / purifying pyres…”

Excerpt from poem by Tamara J. Madison, “Breathe” (Click and scroll to bottom)

If you don’t know by now, I am a sucker for a good story!  I love to hear about those special moments of growth and power through adversity.  You know that moment where the underdog comes shooting out from nowhere wearing a cape, soaring through the clouds? 

Yeah, I love superheroes too!  (That will be another TamTalk!!!)

Even better are the everyday heroes and miracles that are all around us.  I recently learned of the story of three sisters (I’ll call them Verne, Betty and Vonne) who decided to “share” one sister’s breast cancer. 

Although they lived in three different cities, the three decided that they would find a way to support and usher the youngest sister along her healing journey.

The eldest sister, my friend, Verne, is a fellow writer, minister, and entrepreneur.  She loves nature and photography.  She came up with the idea to make greeting cards with her personal words of prayer and inspiration and the lovely images from her personal photography collection.

For more than a year, she created and mailed one unique greeting card to both sisters daily to inspire, motivate and connect the three them.  She would send the same card to both on the same day to keep them all upbeat, and “on the same positive page” to assist Vonne with her healing. 

Here’s the bet part!  The three sisters recently gathered to celebrate Vonne’s second year of survival!

These three amazing women/sisters were not simply struggling with cancer or trying to survive it.  They found a way to thrive and celebrate each day despite the diagnosis, distance, and differences between them. 

Verne used her skills/talent (writing), the messages of nature (photography) and her heart to “stand in the gap” and hold her sisters together encouraging them to hold onto the best of one another.  Thanks, Verne for sharing your story with me!

As I write this, my heart is full over the many “sisters” and loved ones who have stood with me through my own challenges – good, bad, ugly and uglier.  (smiles)  You know who you are, and I thank you with all my heart.

Too often during times of crisis, we feel powerless because we do not have the money or expertise or experience to offer those we love who are also in pain.  All we really need to do is magnify and expand the power, beauty and magic of who we already are and hold on.

The challenges and tragedies are going to come whether we like it or not, whether we are ready or not.  That is not always within our power.  What is within our grasp though is whether we will simply weather the storm or whether we will shine as bright suns and beaming stars despite it together.

Are you merely surviving or thriving?  

Are you heavily trudging through your daily life begrudging it alone, or are you passionately embracing each moment to the best of your ability and sharing with others? If not, when are you going to start?

Make your move now!  Reach out to a sister, a loved one (blood-related or not) and share a part of who you already beautifully and powerfully are in support of her/him.  Let the rays of your shine bless and bronze someone else!

WAIT! Don’t forget to share your story of inspiration or word of encouragement to inspire someone else below.  You never know who may thrive because of your encouraging words.  I’m waiting to hear from you!

As always,

Be Joyful,

Be Inspired,

Be Creative,


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P.S. S.  Treat yourself to the inspirational poetry and video below!  Enjoy!



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  • veronica banks
    veronica banks
    I love every bit of it thanks for sharing keep up the great work God bless....

    I love every bit of it thanks for sharing keep up the great work God bless....

  • Tamara
    Thanks for popping by Veronica!

    Thanks for popping by Veronica!

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