Visiting Valencia College

Kudos to Prof. Deyon Williams and the amazing creative writing students of Valencia College in sunny Orlando, Florida!


Students from Prof. Williams' creative writing course joined me in a writing workshop on creativity and revision.  We had a BLAST! 

The students were passionately engaged in writing and discussion in a hands-on exercise.  I was inspired by their participation and sharing of ideas! Together we created a "found poem" of sorts with contributions from everyone in the class!  Even Prof. Williams became an "honorary student" in the workshop that day!


(Prof. Deyon Williams - Valencia College)

Students from various classes and organizations later joined us for a book signing and reading featuring my newest release, Kentucky Curdled.  Many thanks to the students that blessed the mic reading from their own work that afternoon including Prof. Williams who "blew up the mic" with a special praise poem!

The featured reading was followed by a thoughtful Q&A inspired by the students about the writing process.  Many had never attended a literary event prior to that evening and were inspired to seek other similar events.

The evening was well attended with a full house and attendees from various departments around the campus! Special thanks to Amanda, Jahlanie, Sharon, Peyton, Sebasthian, and all others for your assistance and participation during this event!  I hope to visit with you in the future!


Check this site soon for video clips from the event! In the meantime, KEEP CREATING!


Demeika Williams July 28, 2015 @10:49 am
Im so proud of my brother Deyon Williams a very smart young man #oneproudsistah
Tamara October 28, 2013 @10:43 am
Great to hear from you Jahlanie! It was amazing to have YOU as part of the day! Please say hello to the students for me!
Jahlanie Jacoby October 28, 2013 @10:34 am
This was a an amazing day, it most definetly gave me inspiration to get more deep within myself and write more
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