Ssshhh! This is a quiet one...


Happy Hump Day, folks!  I will make this TamTalk!!! very brief!  (I’ll explain why shortly.)


Cell phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, pads, TV, cable, internet, email, blog, reports, log-ins, log-outs, satellite, billboards, magazine ads, commercials, radio, music, talkshows, earplugs, headphones, conversations, noise, Noise, and more NOISE!!! 


Does any of this sound anything like your world?  Well, it sounds like mine much of the time.


When was the last time you shut it down , unplugged, detached, powered off?  Can you even remember?  If you can’t remember, then it is obviously not a part of your daily, weekly or even monthly health and self-maintenance plan. 


Why should it be?  (Just in case you asked)


Unpluggling from the world wide web wave is your opportunity to close your ears, wipe your mind and listen to your heart/soul.  That’s why.  How can we hear our soul’s deepest secrets and heart’s desires when there is cacophony all about us?


Do you really want that 2 for 1 meal deal you just saw on TV or those jeans on the billboard, or do you really like the song/show that is playing?  If not, then take a break from the junk food that should be for an occasional treat instead of part of your daily diet. 


When we take the time to shut down the noise, turn of the devices, and tune in, we open ourselves to our own unique blend and brand of being.  That is our endless well of creativity for ourselves, our relationships, our work, our art of living.


So, I said I was going to make this brief, right?   Why?  Because I am going to shut it down and unplug to savor the succulence of my own sacred silence and quiet time.  No extra poems, no videos, nothing but quiet for a moment…


How about you?

As always,

Be joyful,

Be creative,

Be inspired,



P.S.  Share your reflections and ideas below about how you creatively find “quiet time” for yourself.  What has been the result of it?  Has it worked for you?   If  TamTalk!!! inspires you, share with family, friends, and fellow artists quietly.  (Smiles)


Tamara August 08, 2013 @08:35 am
Thank you, Rachel! So glad to hear that you enjoyed this one! I really appreciate the feedback! I would love to have a garden like that one day soon! Stay inspired!
Rachel August 07, 2013 @11:37 pm
Hi Tam, I really enjoyed this one! I don't watch much TV and really enjoy the tranquility and peace that quiet time brings. My love for information keeps me online but you have to have a balance. I love nature, my beautiful backyard, my family and staying spiritually centered. The sound of silence is a beautiful thing and much needed! We all must unplug and detach at times to restore oneself :)
Tamara August 07, 2013 @03:14 pm
Hey, Tina! Sounds like you do a great job at being innovative and creative for your "special me time." It's great that you keep finding new ways. Our supply is endless. We simply have to be open and keep searching. Thanks for sharing! I think I'll find my own private garden soon. Thanks for the idea
Tina August 07, 2013 @03:07 pm
Hi Tamara, I used to find quiet time in the bath but since having children they see it as an invitation to throw their action men and boats in with me lol, so that's out now. In the summer I find peace dead heading and admiring the Flowers or sitting in the sun at the back of the garden in a little space I created for me (ha! me turned into kids, dogs everyone) in the winter I sit on the bed and read, snuggle up in the duvet or wait until everyone has gone to bed and read downstairs :-)
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