I really don’t feel like doing TamTalk!!! this morning.  I don’t. I don’t feel like writing at all or handling a number of tasks and responsibilities that are on the agenda for the day. I just don’t.

I’d prefer to be curled up in bed listening to the music of ocean waves at the beach house while my personal chef is preparing an outrageously delicious breakfast that will be served on a tray to me in bed with the most amazing mug of steaming hot coffee that I have ever tasted.

After breakfast, I will curl up with my favorite book until my masseuse arrives for my treatment soothing every ache I have ever felt. Later, a nap…

That’s what I feel like doing at the moment, but as you can see I am writing to you anyway.  I am. I’m writing to you because TamTalk!!! is more than about how I feel in the moment.

It is about how I want to feel later in the day and the rest of the week reflecting on what I have accomplished with the amount of time, talent, and energy I have been given.

It is about how I will feel when someone drops me an email or leaves their response on the blog  to tell me how motivated they were by this week’s newsletter.

Even more important is the commitment that I made to myself to exercise and nurture my gifts to the best of my ability. I also made a commitment to use my gifts to inform and inspire others.

So… I write this morning.

In moments like this, I think of that damn Nike commercial, “JUST DO IT!” Remember that advertising campaign with the athletes running and jumping and shooting and batting and sweating and grunting and straining and stretching?

None of that was about how they felt the morning they woke up before practice or a workout. It was all about them pushing themselves to the limit to discover their capabilities and how they wanted to feel at the end of the competition.

All too often we get caught up in the moment of how we feel in the moment forgetting that moment will soon pass and we will have either used it wisely and productively or not.

Caught up in such moments we question:  How long will it take? Do I really have the time to do this? Will it really pay off? Where do I begin? Do I really feel like doing this now? Maybe I can start next week…

Before we know it, the time that we used to question and procrastinate could have been the same time that we used to simply “JUST DO IT!”

Today, I choose to be a professional, not because I am being paid to do this, but because I made a commitment to do it, and I am nurturing myself and honing my skills in the process. I choose to be a professional and use this time wisely, grateful for it and my talents as a writer/poet, etc.

My coffee is almost gone.  I didn’t make it to the beach and won’t have that massage or breakfast in bed, but I DID IT!  Thirty minutes and 700 words later, I have pushed past my resistance. I feel better already…

How are YOU feeling today?

Are you remembering to let your feelings be your guide to propel you forward, not your deterrent to hold you back!

If you’re straddling the fence, struggling about whether to dive in head first or go full speed ahead, remember to:

  • Acknowledge how you feel and own it in this moment.
  • Decide how you want to feel an hour, a day, a week from now.
  • Define the steps you need to take, the moves you need to make to get to how you want to feel and where you want to be.
  • JUST DO IT and fine tune as you go
  • Remember being grateful all along the journey makes it that much sweeter!

Let me know how the day goes and what you thought of this issue of TamTalk!!! Leave a post below! I will be waiting to hear from you!

As always,

Be Joyful,

Be Creative,

Be Inspired,


P.S.  If you are looking for more to motivate you and help you with a bit of self-coaching, check out Steven Pressfield’s book, Turning Pro.  I loved it, and it was a tremendous help to me!  Let me know what you think!


Tamara November 07, 2013 @09:16 am
Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Josh! PUSH & put some passion in it!
Joshua Burney November 07, 2013 @09:10 am
Wow!!! This is exactly what I needed to hear! I have just been going through the motions lately, so I definetly needed this boost! Im glad you "Did it" because TAMTALK is always on time when I come in to read!
Tamara November 06, 2013 @09:25 am
Thank YOU, Terina! I appreciate you responding! It let's me know if I am on course! YES!!!
Terina Killings November 06, 2013 @06:20 am
Awesome counsel. Just what I need to hear. Thanks :)
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