My Mother's Daughter

Her smile spit-shines rainbows;

mosquitoes hush their humming

just to hear her sing;

dusk awaits her warmth impatiently…

Excerpt from “Libations” by Tamara J. Madison

Are You Surviving or Thriving?



...Too often during times of crisis, we feel powerless because we do not have the money or expertise or experience to offer those we love who are also in pain...

Your Calling is Waiting


When we ignore and avoid the calling in our lives, we deny ourselves, our magic, our power, and  our uniqueness through which we can express our greatest passions and joy and bless others around us.

What have you done for YOU lately?


Lovingly and healthily doing for ourselves gives us that “second wind” to continue to be joyfully and effectively of service to others as well as to ourselves.  It helps us to show up to life with a buff and shine!

Ssshhh! This is a quiet one...


How can we hear our soul’s deepest secrets and heart’s desires when there is cacophony all about us?

Poetry Saves Lives!!!

Poetry Saves Lives???

While we are marching, demonstrating, petitioning, legislating, debating and mourning over the lives of our young people, we must also make sure that we are LISTENING TO AND HEARING them.

Open letter to the black youth who cocked the gun in my son's face


Open letter to the black youth who cocked the gun in my son's face yet allowed him to live... (I am following my heart here. Bare with me...)

It has taken me forever to draft this letter to you. I have thought of it many, many times but have never begun it. Somehow in the chaos of recent events, I simply felt that I could not wait any longer.

Reminders Amid Chaos

...Our children must know that they are invaluable and precious to us every day no matter what happens...

Family First

...Remembering that we are family first and all else thereafter helps us to navigate the matrix of pain and isolation to arrive at the place of peace, belonging and purpose...


For the disciplined mind, steel spined,

Cards, a new tie, cologne, tickets to his favorite game or event, perhaps a special dinner or picnic in the park… 

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