...let your feelings be your guide to propel you forward, not your deterrent to hold you back!...

Bless Them

We must remember while mourning the loss of our loved ones to celebrate the lives they lived.

What's your story?


Is your story serving you? Does it motivate and inspire you and others around you?... If not, it’s time for a re-write!!!

Kentucky Curdled 3-D Release!

My latest offering Kentucky Curdled a collection of poetry and essay based on a family story is now available in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook!

Visiting Valencia College

Kudos to Prof. Deyon Williams and the amazing creative writing students of Valencia College in sunny Orlando, Florida!

Loving the Let Go!


Have you been thankful for those who for whatever reason released you?

War Goddess


"I, ju woman,/ will break bread of stone,/ ...and sop blood with a biscuit

for you." - War Goddess by Tamara J. Madison

Breaking Your Holding Pattern

What holding pattern will you break for yourself?

In Our Own Time

...this is a very raw, uncut version of TamTalk!!! with me writing to you in tears... with this lump in my throat and sniffles and me trying to breathe...

Flava In Ya Ear


You have the power and the right to change the diet, adjust the station, tune the frequency to the way you want your life to flow and grow!

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