When was the last time you got some play time or recess? Are you overdue?


Taking Care


Before her death after a lengthy debilitating illness at the age of 59, my mama’s mantra was, “Tamara, take care of yourself. Please take care of yourself.”


Out of the Closet


Did you ever have one of those life-changing moments that backed you into a corner where you could hardly move or breathe and you had to confront someone or something?... Mine happened at the spa.


Second Opinion


Ever want to just tell one of your critics to go to hell? Yeah, well, I decided to write a blog post instead!


Remembering your Power!



I started to sit this one out. After all, didn’t I deserve it?




Just when I thought I had it all together, all hell broke loose...


Pissed and Purple!

Why Poetry?



Why on earth would anybody bother to be a poet? Find out...





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Retreat, Rest, Revive!!!  We MUST include ourselves in the giving/loving/celebrating equation on a daily and regular basis. 


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