New Chapters

Are you letting go of old chapters to write new ones?

Pick up the pieces!

Are you keeping it together or letting others pull you and your life apart?

Birthday Illumination

I thank you for reminding me to step firmly on bridges but never burn them because I just might need to tip toe across them again.



Believe it or not, I still don't consider myself a blogger!

Open Love Letter to Dr. Maya Angelou

While so many are eulogizing and praising and even archiving you in critical papers, I simply wanted to offer you this, my thank you note and love letter.

From Hiding to Healing

Let’s talk about that thing we don’t like to talk about…

Short Sale

Are you selling yourself far too short? Time for a quality control check NOW!


When was the last time you got some play time or recess? Are you overdue?

Taking Care

Before her death after a lengthy debilitating illness at the age of 59, my mama’s mantra was, “Tamara, take care of yourself. Please take care of yourself.”

Out of the Closet

Did you ever have one of those life-changing moments that backed you into a corner where you could hardly move or breathe and you had to confront someone or something?... Mine happened at the spa.

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