Loving the Let Go!


Have you noticed the chill in the air, the leaves slightly turning, some just starting to let go of their branches?  Whether we are ready for it or not, the season is turning and coming on strong. 

I was driving Sunday afternoon and just happened to notice even though I was sleeveless and still in sandals.  It was one of those smooth, easy moments where I could easily say, “I am loving my life right about now!”

Seemingly out of nowhere I had one of those “flashback-life-before-my-eyes” moments.  It was not a life/death thing at all.  It was more of a “look-where- you’ve-been” kind of moment.

I began to think of all the break-ups that I had experienced in my life, those times when someone or something let me go.  I thought that I would never get over some of them. 

I had flashbacks over those tearful moments that I thought would never end:  the first love at 16, my college sweetheart, “the one” after college who I knew would choose me as the father of his 4 sons, my first marriage…

I remembered sobbing over toilet bowls, sleepless nights, brooding, questioning, and even breaking out in ringworms.  Why couldn’t we stay together? Why did he have to leave? Why did I have to leave?  What if I had…

The list was endless at that time.  But on this particular Sunday, I smiled confidently aware of the clarity of it all.  If they had not let me go, I would not be living the life that I love right now. I would not be loving the life, the person that I love right now. I would not be loved the way that I am loved right now!

I laughed to myself and was instantly grateful for every boyfriend, lover, temporary distraction, etc. who had ever let me go or who I had to release.  I released that it was all worth it and part of the growth that leads me to who I am and what I do and how much I love it right now!

I then thought of other people and situations and reasons to “love the let go:”

  • The university that did not hire me for the fellowship.
  • The publishers who refused my work.
  • The college that no longer had classes available for me to teach.
  • The audition that did not get a callback.

I would not have the vision, time, or energy to do the things that I do right now if any of the above had accepted or “kept me” instead of letting me go.  And yes, I love what I do, how I do, who I am, and where I am in my life right now!

It’s funny how rejection and release can feel like the end of the world with everything you are and are connected to crumbling down all around you.  Interestingly though, that death just might be the birth of something new and even more wonderful.  That destruction may clear the path for something new to be built or painted on your life canvas.


Take a moment to watch a tree and its leaves, how powerfully she stands in her moment of letting go, her leaves gracefully dance on the winds of release.

Are you “loving the let go?”  Are you easily releasing and allowing yourself to be released to something, someone new? Are you gracefully riding the waves of change and reconfiguration trusting that something, someone warm and wonderful is on the way?

Have you been thankful for those who for whatever reason released you, helped you grow, made you stronger, freed you up for something/someone just as wonderful if not more so?

Take your moment, make your move! I’ll be waiting to hear from you!

As always,

Be Joyful,

Be Creative,

Be Inspired,




P.S.  I posted a love poem, “Disappearing Act,” on the site about the love of my life!  I wouldn’t have it/him without “loving the let go!”  You can find the poem here!  Tell me what you think!


Tamara October 16, 2013 @08:08 pm
Thank you, Anita, for responding. Isn't it amazing the things that we learn when we are open to grow? I wish you much success as well!
Anita October 16, 2013 @03:35 pm
Loving the Let Go brought a tear to my eye today. Thankyou for sharing Tamara. I wish you much success.
Tamara October 09, 2013 @10:55 am
I am glad it was helpful, Rajeshwari! Nature has much love and lessons to share with us if we listen. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
Rajeshwari Nandkumar October 09, 2013 @10:46 am
Your post has inspired me a lot and helped me see the bright side of all the shortcomings I faced in life. I really liked the way you used the tree as an example to explain the importance of letting things go in order to grow and attain something new. Thanks:-)
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