In Our Own Time

Okay, I'm jumping right in here and letting you know that this is a very raw, uncut version of TamTalk!!! with me writing to you in tears.  Yes, I said, in tears with this lump in my throat and sniffles and me trying to breathe...

I don't like those damn singing competition shows.  I don't like to see people and their talent/art (or lack thereof) made fun of.  I don't like to see people exploited for billions of network dollars let alone for a dime.  I don't like to see people pimping themselves for a prize.

(I told you this was raw, right?)

But I love those glorious moments when I see someone humbly and powerfully standing in their purpose, their calling, courageously claiming and proclaiming before anyone who cares to witness.

I love seeing someone who has found her niche, her groove and works it with all the blood, sweat, tears and soul that she has to give.

I love it when I see someone who says, "It's my time," and he moves with a noble grace and humble confidence that I can only describe as "Divine Certainty."

I love it when I see someone so deeply rooted in her own purpose and passion that it moves me to be even more committed to who I am and what I do and how I do it undauntingly.

That is Ms. Lilli McCloud, a 54 year old mother of 3, grandmother of 7 who when asked where  she had been for so long boldly told an audience of millions, "It just wasn't my time because I just wanted to be around the family."

This speaks to all of us who ever had a dream or vision no matter what color, what culture, gender, sacrifice, no matter what age we are! We all must know and move in "our own time!"

It may not be according to anyone else's approval, coaching, experience or even understanding.  others may think that we have forgotten who we are, or are slipping/failing/lazy or afraid.

It doesn't matter as long as we believe and remain aware of when, "It's my time!" and embrace it and surrender with all our hearts.

Watching this amazing woman, mother, grandmother, songstress, stand in her power, passion and purpose with such commanding presence before the judging eyes of millions  BLEW ME AWAY and BLESSED ME!

It also encouraged me to hold fast to my own dreams with a deep knowing and devotion.

So here's a little creative homework for you:

1) Watch the video! Observe your thoughts, feelings, heart rate, breath while watching.

2) Notice the little girl who shines from inside the seasoned woman who joyously jumps on the stage!!! (When was the last time you experienced that?)

3) Ask yourself, "What is it my time to do right here, right now in the fullness of who I am?"

While you are yet living and breathing, there is a time and a place for you and what you uniquely have to offer! KNOW THIS!

Make your move and share your reflections with us!  (I already admitted. I cried TWICE!)

I’ll be waiting to hear from you!!!

As always,

Be Joyful,

Be Creative,

Be Inspired,


P.S.  No new poem this week, but did you check the juicy, "Curved" that was posted? I would love to have you interpretation of it! Lol! Have fun!


Tamara September 18, 2013 @11:21 am
Thanks, Demayne! Indeed we all should. The world would be a totally different place if we only believed/knew...
Demayne September 18, 2013 @10:32 am
very moving show and an awesome display of words to describe feelings that we all should share
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