For the disciplined mind, steel spined,

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Cards, a new tie, cologne, tickets to his favorite game or event, perhaps a special dinner or picnic in the park… 


That is often how we celebrate the men in our lives on “Father’s Day.”  It only comes once a year and then there’s his birthday.  What about the rest of the days of the year?


Women have the freedom in our culture to celebrate their beauty.  We tell each other with admiration, and we are even vocal about it.  “Girl, you look gorgeous! You are so beautiful!” 


Most members of the man cave association do not have the same privilege.  How often have you heard a man tell another man, “Man, you are really wearing those pants today; you are so beautiful to me!”  Well… you know what I mean. (smiles)


From sports shows to reality TV, the media is filled with macho, gangster, Adonis glam imagery that many praise. What about the everyday beauty of real men in our everyday lives that so often goes unnoticed?


The Guy Next Door who shovels the snow on our walk without being asked; the father who teaches his children to make Mommy breakfast in bed when it is not her birthday or Mother’s day, the coach/teacher who spends that extra time after hours without asking for a phone number; the son who rubs his mom’s feet or shoulders, the elder in the community who still takes his wife on dates and buys her flowers after 50 years?--  How often do we celebrate and compliment their beauty (inside and out)? 


Our men (young and old, related and unrelated) need to be told they are beautiful and meaningful without hidden agendas.  They need to be reminded of the valuable places that they hold in our lives as support, guidance, inspiration, and motivation. And yes, sometimes simply as beautiful, living breathing works of art.


We no longer need men to rescue us from train tracks, slay dragons, build a log cabin or even fix our cars.  Many of us do these for ourselves on a daily. 


So why/how do we need them?  Better yet, why/how do we choose them? It is important that we know this for ourselves and then remind them in our language, look and deeds.


Ladies, make your move!  Let a man that has made a difference in your life, your day, your moment know that he is beautiful and meaningful.


Fella’s, know that this newsletter was especially for you and the many everyday things that you do that bless our lives!


Check the creative features below!  You’ll find the rest of the praise poem, “He” (For the disciplined mind, steel spined,) and a link to a video featuring songstress, Heather Headley! 


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As always,

Be joyful,

Be creative,

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Behind the Poem:  Here is my own special praise poem inspired to the men in my life who have helped me to grow and develop as a daughter, sister, friend, partner, and artist.  The poem is dedicated, however, to my husband, lover, and friend. 




For the disciplined mind, steel spined,

For being a woman’s man before being “a man’s man,”

For seeing the future in me

while always loving the past and present,

For the cutting tongue and quick lip you forgive,

For the calloused hands on my belly and feet,

For all the children you raised,

the diapers you changed,

the pavement you pound,

the fields you tilled,

the hearts you healed,

the history you hold in your very bones,

For the wholly, holy that you are…

this poem,



@ 2013, Tamara J. Madison


VIDEO FEATURE:  Check out songstress, Heather Headley, do her thing and remind us of what “He” really stands for…


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Tamara June 20, 2013 @05:01 pm
Thanks for blessing the blog, Louie! Know that you are beautiful and blessed!
louie mciver June 20, 2013 @04:10 pm
Thank you for this blig entry i thinj this needs to be broadcast across the country
Tamara June 19, 2013 @11:52 pm
I agree Josh! We ALL need small confirmations. It helps to ease the journey for us! There has to be a balance between critique and compliment and confirmation! Thanks for the encouragement and for "baptizing and blessing the blog!" By all means, please SHARE IT!
Joshua Burney June 19, 2013 @09:03 pm
Thank You! You said that! Men aren't celebrated for the great things we do as much as we are condemned for what we don't! Thanks for providing something that acknowledges us and raises the issue of the lack of celebration of GOOD men. Although its not of our culture to compliment eachother it is greatly appreciated and loathed from the women in our lives! We all need small confirmations! Thanks for this issue of "Tam Talk" Ms. Madison I'm definetly sharing it!
Tamara June 19, 2013 @05:45 pm
Gentlemen, thank you so very much for responding with a quickness and with such honesty! Yours is confirmation and encouragement for me! There's more to come!
Lawrence F. Wright June 19, 2013 @09:12 am
Love it, Love it, Love it! I'm glad someone from the female society finally acknowledges and see that we are valuable, do contribute and share in the rearing of children and love our wives! Great job!
demayne ginyard June 19, 2013 @08:34 am
Love it, absolutely Loved it!
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