Gratitude: Not Just a Mouth-Piece


     “Gratitude” has become a popular catch phrase these days for social media posts, journal entries, new age living, life coaching, and even for marketing campaigns. It’s catchy, cute, perhaps even profitable in some cases. But saying “thank you” and showing momentary appreciation is just the very beginning of the Gratitude Journey.  Gratitude is much more than words, smiles, and pleasantries. 

When we are truly grateful:

  • We nurture the energy. This helps to prolong the energy. We can it, place it on the shelf for days that appear scarce.  On days when nothing seems to be going our way, instead of grumbling or groveling and being negatively contagious, we pull the gratitude jar from the shelf, rub a bit on our palms, anoint our temples, and take a whiff to remind us that our frustrations and disappointments are only temporary.  Another blessing will come soon.  Until then we remain grateful.
  • We use our talents and skills, whatever they may be, to bless ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world around us.  Gratitude is a living organism of breath, word, and deeds.  We act accordingly whether others recognize, acknowledge, appreciate or not because we are truly grateful.
  • We share.  Gratitude evolves into generosity.  When we have an intimate relationship with our Source and our blessings, we know we have plenty to share with those in need.  We give for the give of it! Gratitude ignites the abundance in our lives and cultivates a bountiful harvest.  The giving makes us even more grateful and makes room for new treasures in our lives.

Beyond the latest internet craze or promotions scheme, gratitude is a multi-dimensional, intimate commitment to growth, growth that we and the world desperately needs...

     So what/who are you grateful for, and how do you commit to showing it?

As always,

Be Joyful,

Be Inspired,

Be Creative,


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Tamara September 09, 2019 @11:43 am
Alicia, that is not corny at all. I appreciate your taking the time to share and bless the blog. Trust that we have both been a blessing to each other, and I am grateful for you as well. It is never too corny to share our gratitude and appreciation for one another! Love you!
Alicia September 08, 2019 @10:18 pm
I have so much and many blessings in my life and though this my sound corny, I am so grateful for your friendship and your nurturing spirit over the years. I am grateful for your honesty and still loving for who I was, and who I have become. Thank you my sister, I love you and your encouraging words that allow me to stop and think...
Tamara September 08, 2019 @09:13 pm
Thank you for blessing the blog with your wisdom, Selina!
SELINA SANCHEZ September 08, 2019 @02:04 pm
"We give for the give of it" resonates with my spirit! There is indeed a sense of joy found in knowing that you are a vessel for the transference of "charity" ... which is simply a love offering of itself! I am GREATful for BEing and for every breath ... ever breathed ... ao that I ... would be HEIR! Thank Yoh siSTAR Tamara for sharing the GIFT that is thee.
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