Early bird? Worm first?


…my heart rings

hallelujah arias…


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The other morning, I awoke to a symphony of birds chirping outside my window.   It sounded as though there were dozens of them huddled together tweeting, chirping, tooting up a storm! 


The first thought that came to mind after to listening for a bit was the old school expression, “The early bird catches the worm.”  Teachers and elders used to warn youth that those who slept late would miss out on opportunities. You know, the “snooze you lose” perspective.


I laughed to myself when I thought of the fact that these birds were not in the least trying to catch worms in their early rising.  They were making music, greeting the day in a captivatingly beautiful way!  Worms were later on their agenda, I’m sure but not the awakening thought and start of their day.


Why do birds sing?  I imagine that it’s simply because they can.  They were born to do so, wired that way.  They are simply giving the gift of who they are.  What if they sing as well because they are grateful for simply waking up and escorting the sun?


Better yet, what if we did the same?  What if instead of jumping up to check emails, race the clock, make phone calls, etc. we took just a moment to explore all the things we should be thankful for before our feet hit the ground racing to be so “productive?”


Taking a moment to “praise the day” instead of simply “seize” it tunes the day in a positive way.  Being grateful reminds us to be conscious and considerate and nurture what we already have  before acquiring anything or anyone else. 


It also lifts our spirits and puts a little extra “swag” in our step to start the day.  We smile more and send out the energy of gratefulness for others to catch and pass it on.


Our lives shift and change literally in the blink of an eye these days.  Natural disasters appear out of nowhere.  Loved ones of any age leave often “before their time.”  Many of the things that we thought would last and anchor us for a lifetime have crumbled. 


Now more than ever is the time to give thanks and praises in whatever way we are able.  Launching ourselves into the day from the perspective of gratefulness for all that we are and all that we have simply makes us clearer and more aware of the infinite possibilities within us and the endless opportunities around us.  The worm can wait. ..


Take a moment to share your own “gratefulness” or how you ring in the day in your own positive and creative way.  Leave your reflections on the blog from this newsletter. Your sharing may be that much needed blessing for another’s day.  


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As always,

Be joyful,

Be creative,

Be inspired,




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Behind The Poem:   The poem below was a special thank you or praise poem for a dear friend.  In the poem, I wanted to describe the challenges and treasures of our relationship of ten plus years. We were friends, family, colleagues and fellow artists/fans of each other.  He was critical to my growth as a woman/mother/partner/artist. He died rather recently.  The beauty, however, is that I was able to share this very special thank you with him long before he passed.  And yes, he loved it!








in the midnight ballroom of blessing

with resonant harp strings,

you have stroked my soul

to symphony.

beneath starry chandeliers,

my heart rings 

hallelujah arias

drunken from the mint

julep breath we share.

arms poised

yet empty,

i pirouette, sweat

this soulful minuet.

gently i waltz

with our delicacy

and flirt with our in-

finite possibilities.


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Tamara June 05, 2013 @05:37 pm
Thank you, Cyd, for sharing such a personal part of your own joy and gratefulness in such a creative way! Ooooh! Grandbabies! I apologize but the site will not hold or conform to the poetic line breaks and form of poetry under the comment section. I cannot change or adjust it either. I know it tampers with the art, but I thank you for the offering!
Cyd Charisse Fulton June 05, 2013 @10:41 am
GRATEFUL My grandsons grin gleaming spokes of infant transition and I am in awe of how their smiles reveal life’s wonders through the entrance of permanency and the wiggling out of baby. Red, pink, purple, blue, bees, trees, thickets, crickets… Life’s caress sings to me in spring and summer winds like Barry White tunes when I am alone. I have a home, a non-royal throne, nonetheless a quest for homeless daredevils. Extraordinary offerings are examples of blessings my essence examines with kid gloves, such as uncovering how unripe bananas save themselves for the right time like a virgin promise on wedding night. Or, how Bergenline Bakery ingredients hover living room vertical blinds teasing a stomach squeeze to make sit-ups bow down daily. My plate is full and my prayers are dishwater. Cyd Charisse Fulton
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