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Playdough 2020!


Remember being a kid sitting with blotches of Playdough?


If we do, maybe someone will give a little more, shine a little brighter...

Dear Oprah Winfrey,

I send this love letter on the wings and whispers of my ancestors, angels, guides,

and know it will reach you at precisely the right time.

Gratitude: Not Just a Mouth-Piece

...saying, "thank you" is just the very beginning of the Gratitude Journey...

Behold, the Book Club!!!

"...the book club is both fellowship and funeral..."

Blessed and "Bound"

In celebration of Women's History Month! 

Don't miss this wild and rare treat!

Sweet, In memory of Sharese Locke

Today, I celebrate the life you lived

For My Students!!!

A poem, one of my favorites, requested by a student!

Enjoy & respond to the blog!


In honor of The Queen of Soul

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