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For My Students!!!

A poem, one of my favorites, requested by a student!

Enjoy & respond to the blog!


In honor of The Queen of Soul

Slipping through the Cracks

Slipping through the cracks is that always a bad thing?

Gratitude 8-4-2018

I want to take a moment and acknowledge my continuum...

Joyful Noise

"...from wilting tree to giving tree..."

Open Thank You Letter to My First Family and Community

Sometimes, you just gotta testify...

Revelation Resolution

Happy New Year 2016!!!

Don't forget to do the clean up work before diving into your New Year's Resolutions!!! 

Why me?

When we are struggling to understand the madness or pain of our lives, it’s easy to ask, “Why me?”

INTERVIEW: Miss MeaResea Homer

Welcome, Miss MeaResea Homer to TamTalk!!!

Looking for a bit of motivation and inspiration?

Check out what this young lady is doing!!!

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